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The Stronghold Haywire Klamper has infinite uses for construction, repairs, emergencies and much, much more! Learn and share ideas and experiences on this page!

We receive many suggestions and stories from our customers on how they use or plan on using the Haywire Klamper. We decided to create this page to allow you to share your ideas for the Haywire Klamper as well as share some of our own! We don't just sell the Haywire Klamper, we use the product all the time and never leave home without it!

Hot pan or skillet on the camp fire or over a Dakota Fir pit like ours, get two green branches 3/4"​ diameter, klamper one end only about 1 1/2"​ up from the end use it a vise grip to remove hot items or pots from the fire.
On 15 Apr 2013 at 03:59 pm - Camping/Hunting - by nicolas joseph
Survival Shelter
On a recent hunting trip we filled our tags early and decided to have some fun and practice our survival skills. Two of us constructed an amazing shelter out of sticks we found and a couple of emergency rain parkas using the Haywire Klamper we both carry in our packs.
On 23 Jan 2012 at 11:09 pm - Emergencies/Survival - by Montana Hunter
Wood Splitting Maul Repair
A man who had a Haywire Klamper on a woodcutting expedition with his sons had just gotten started chopping when they broke the handle of their new splitting maul. Being miles from anywhere Harvey decided to fix the maul handle with the Haywire Klamper, hoping to get by for the day.
This was two years ago and Harvey was still using the same maul with the Haywire Klamper repaired handle the last time we checked!
On 23 Jan 2012 at 10:19 pm - Camping/Hunting - by Harvey the Woodcutter
Archery Targets
An archer in Libby builds archery targets held together with the Haywire Klamper wiring.
On 23 Jan 2012 at 10:15 pm - Camping/Hunting - by Libby Man
Treehouse Construction
An Arizona customer used the Haywire Klamper to build a treehouse for his children.
On 23 Jan 2012 at 10:14 pm - Construction With Haywire Klamper - by Arizona Man
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